Want to place your eBay bids right before the auction close?
With eBay Bidding Scheduler, you can automatically setup bids to be placed in the final seconds of an auction using eBay item numbers, items you're bidding on or auctions you're watching. This increases your odds of winning auctions, and at a lower price. Best of all, eBay Bidding Scheduler is a completely FREE auction sniper. Click here to register now!
Why place a bid to eBay before the closing seconds of the auction?
By placing your bids before the closing seconds on an auction, you are setting yourself up for a bidding war. Using eBay Bidding Scheduler, you can avoid these bidding wars by scheduling your bids to be placed in the final seconds of an auction automatically. Since you are Bidding on an eBay auction with only a few seconds remaining, the other bidders will have no time to change their eBay bid amounts. eBay scheduled bids are being placed from our system, so there is NO SOFTWARE TO DOWNLOAD and NO HIDDEN FEES. Click here to register now!
How is your bidding service free, but all of the other sites charge?
Ads, but it is very limited and no popups. Just because the service is free does not mean it works any less than some other paid sites. eBay Bidding Scheduler has successfully placed over 99.9% of the bids scheduled this year, which is higher than most paid bidding sites.
What are some of the other main benefits?
The site is secure and encrypts all of your info. You can change, update or cancel your eBay bids anytime before the bid is placed to an eBay auction; giving you the freedom to change your mind. You can also get emailed when someone out bids you, so you know if you should update your eBay scheduled bid.
How can I sign up?
You can start using eBay Bidding Scheduler to snipe your eBay Auction simply by Click here and filling out the registration form, and remember, it is 100% FREE.